Vanquish Fat Removal Texas

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Dallas – Austin – Houston – San Antonio

Vanquish is a new, safe non-surgical Fat Reduction procedure that can help you lose 2-4″ of unwanted “Belly” fat without pain or downtime.  Vanquish Fat Reduction TexasThe treatments take between 30-45 minutes, and the device never touches your skin unlike other non-invasive Fat Removal procedures.  Vanquish uses a safe RF Technology that destroys the fat cells without effecting the skin, or muscles.

The Vanquish Fat Removal System uses the largest No-Touch applicator allowing the entire abdomen and love handles to be treated during each procedure.  There is no pain or injections required for Vanquish, there are no special requirements before or after each Vanquish treatment, many patients come in during their lunch hour for the 30 minute session.

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