Vanquish Fat Removal Orlando

Vanquish Fat Removal is now available in Orlando.Vanquish Fat Removal Winter Park, Florida

In clinical trials the average patient lost 2 inches off their waist line in just 4 treatments.  Each Vanquish treatment only takes 30 minutes, is pain free and requires “no downtime”, 4-6 Vanquish treatments are recommended for the best results.

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Vanquish Fat Removal utilizes an FDA approved RF Technology to eliminate the fat cells in your abdomen without effecting the surrounding skin or muscle tissue.  Vanquish has been approved by the FDA for deep tissue heating, this technology can target your “belly” fat specifically, eliminating and destroying the fat cells.  Vanquish Fat Removal Dr. Fiala

Vanquish requires no anesthesia and eliminates the risky side effects of invasive surgery associated with liposuction and gastric bypass procedures.

Vanquish Fat Removal Orlando FAQ’s

      1.  Is Vanquish Fat Removal painful like other Fat Reduction procedures in Orlando ?

No Vanquish is not surgery, and never touches your skin.  No anesthesia is required.

     2.  How much is Vanquish Fat Removal in Orlando ?

The average cost is just 500.00 per treatment, your local Orlando Vanquish Clinic will evaluate you to determine how many   treatments will give you the best fat reduction results.

    3.  How long will a Vanquish treatment take at the Orlando clinic ? 

Each painless Vanquish treatment only takes 30 minutes, this is half the time of other Fat Reduction treatments.

   4.  Who will see the best results with Vanquish Fat Removal ? 

Vanquish has been shown to be effective for both women and men who are within 10-20 pounds of their ideal body weight.

5.  What results can I expect following the recommended Vanquish treatments ?

The women and men in the clinical studies have lost 2-4 inches from their stomachs.


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