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Vanquish Fat Removal is Painless Compared to Cool Sculpt™

Patients who have had the Cool Sculpt™ procedure will tell you that is is painful both during and after the procedure.  This does not occur with Vanquish, patients report a slight warmness during the 30 to 45 minute procedure and no discomfort afterwords.  There is no bruising following Vanquish, some patients have reported slight redness for about an hour following the procedure.  There is no rest or downtime needed after Vanquish, in fact it is recommended that you walk following the procedure to accelerate the elimination of the fat cells.


Vanquish Fat Reduction Cost

Compared to other Fat Removal and Reduction procedures, Vanquish is affordable and safer than surgical interventions.  The procedure will take between 45 minutes and 1 hour depending on the treatment protocol that is recommended by your doctor.  Each patient’s procedure is specifically designed based on their goals and how much fat loss is desired.  The cost of Vanquish Fat Removal is about 500.00 per session, the number of sessions required varies as does the time of each session.  Your procedure can financed by companies like Care Credit, also most doctors have package discounts available.  Contact the doctor in North Carolina that is closest to you for a cost estimate.