Vanquish Fat Removal Bethesda

Losing unwanted inches from your waist and reducing unwanted “belly” fat for the women and men in Bethesda has never been easier.  Vanquish Fat Reduction Bethesda  Vanquish Fat Reduction, a new treatment that uses safe RF Waves to help eliminate abdominal fat and defeat the “bulge” is now available in Bethesda, Maryland.


Vanquish Is Safe and Effective in Bethesda.

Maryland was the first state in the country to use the Vanquish device and they have perfected the treatment profile to give you the maximum benefits.  Vanquish Fat Reduction treatments heat the unwanted “belly” fat using RF Waves without effecting the surrounding skin, muscles or other tissues.

Vanquish Fat Reduction Treatments are Affordable for Men and Women in Bethesda.

Vanquish is affordable, about 500.00 dollars per session.  Our experienced doctors will evaluate you during your Vanquish consultation at one of the locations in Bethesda, Maryland.  During your consultation the Certified Vanquish Doctor will determine the number of treatments that will give you the best result, they will also determine the length of your Vanquish treatment, some patients are eligible for 45 minute treatments vs the standard 30 minute treatment.  Ask your Vanquish Doctor if you qualify for the longer treatment protocol.


Vanquish is Different than CoolSculpt and other Non-Invasive Fat Removal Treatments in Bethesda.

  • Vanquish is Painless.
  • Vanquish takes less time.
  • Vanquish causes no bruising or swelling.
  • Vanquish is Affordable.


Our Bethesda Doctors utilizing Vanquish use Advanced Treatment Vanquish Fat Removal Bethesda, MarylandProtocols based on Experience.

The Vanquish Certified Doctors in Bethesda that we recommend on this site have performed thousands of hours of Vanquish Fat Removal treatments.  Some of these doctors were involved in the initial Vanquish Fat Reduction studies performed in the U.S.  Since Vanquish became available about 1 year ago our recommended doctors have researched and implemented new Vanquish Treatment Protocols that have proven to give better results for some men and women.  Contact us to learn if the new Vanquish protocols can provide you with better results even faster.

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