Vanquish Fat Removal California

Beverly Hills – Newport Beach

San Diego – San Francisco – Sacramento

Vanquish Fat Removal has become one of the most sought after Non-Surgical Fat Reduction procedure in California, like many trends Vanquish Vanquish Fat Reduction Californiagained popularity in Orange County and San Diego before the rest of California took notice.  Vanquish Fat Removal has been featured on The View, The Doctors, and recently on Dr. Oz.  Vanquish is a technological advancement in getting rid of stubborn, unwanted “Belly” fat without surgery.

Vanquish is different than other Non-Invasive Fat Removal procedures in California, Vanquish uses RF Technology to heat the fat cells without hurting the surrounding skin or muscles, the fat cells die and your body eliminates them.

Each Vanquish treatment only takes 30 minutes, it is pain free and there are no restrictions following the treatment.  Your doctor will recommend 4-6 treatments depending on your goals.

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